Creative. Consulting. Ideas. Fitness. is a creative consulting service from me, Marcus John Henry Brown. It’s been especially devised for entrepreneurs, business owners and business leaders who are looking for exceptional ideas for their brands, companies or products. Together, we’ll leave the hustle and bustle of the office. We’ll leave the madness of the conference room behind us. We’ll go outside, up into the Bavarian Alps and explore a world of ideas. For one whole day you’ll be free of the office; you’ll be free of email, telephones and meetings. You’ll be free to go and hunt for ideas.

Ideas & Creative.

I’ll help you develop marketing and advertising campaigns for existing products or services.

Ideas & Products.

If you’re looking to for ideas for new products then let’s pack our bags and get up into the mountains.

Ideas & Solutions.

How long have you been dragging that annoying problem around with you? Enough is enough – it’s time to walk the talk and solve the problem.

The Office Trap.

You won’t find and you can’t develop exceptional ideas in the greyness and mundanity of a bland conference room, a room that has its own set of rules and traditions, traditions such as the five minute round of introductions and endless problems with the beamer. It’s a room without air, without distance – it’s restless space full of interruptions. You need something else. You need to get out. Now.

Get out. Now.

Ideas need space and air and that’s exactly what entrepreneurs, business owners and business leaders get with CreativeWalks. Space to think, to plan, to breathe and create ideas without be interrupted every five minutes. Ideas need time to grow so each walk takes around eight hours. Eight hours of fresh alpen air, each minute spent outside with Mother Nature and far away from whiteboards, flipcharts and PowerPoint.