One day, one route, a task and your own personal creative consultant. I’m there to make sure that you go back to work with an exceptional idea. We only take one task with us on our idea hunt. Using old fashioned things such as pens, paper and the gentle art of conversation we’ll work out how to solve the problem and complete the task at hand – walking all the while.

Ideas & Creative.

I’ll help you develop marketing and advertising campaigns for existing products or services.

Ideas & Products

If you’re looking to for ideas for new products then let’s pack our bags and get up into the mountains.

Ideas & Solutions.

How long have you been dragging that annoying problem around with you? Enough is enough – it’s time to walk the talk and solve the problem.


I use Artefact cards. Developed by Smithery, Artefact cards are perfect for quickly developing ideas, playing through scenarios and jotting down thoughts – especially when walking.

Pen and Brain

We use pens instead of PowerPoint. We write down and draw every thought, however tiny. We take our time and muse over our ideas and give ourselves the space and time to let our ideas sink in. We use our brains.


At the end of our journey we’ll sit down and consolidate everything we’ve created – all of the cards, the ideas, the conversations – and create a single, guiding idea that you can then implement.